The Last Galagan

What would happen if the Galaxian defense network, optimized for stopping vast Galagan fleets, let a single Galagan yellowjacket slip through their front lines?

A lone invader makes planetfall. They could not shoot it down in space, thus now the true threat it poses becomes clear. It lays an egg in the earthly soil, incubation near-instant thanks to genetic manipulation and mechanical enhancements from its mother braconid's womb-like ovipositor. She is capable of hatching an indefinite amount of siege drones, each one potentially capable of dominating worlds.

This is your task now. Absorb matter with your tractor beam organs, bring it to your mother braconid and her pheromones will trigger selective genetic mutations until you reach your apex.


Arrows keys: move

Z - offense

X - utility


Destroy all the RED buildings on each level to win.


Battery recharges faster whilst landed.

The most powerful weapon is available without buying any upgrades.


Programmed in BlitzMax

Sound effects made with Bfxr

Graphics made with Paint.Net and GraphicsGale.

February 2014


Made by Van Wyk Louw (DukeOFprunes)

Intro song is Quiet Time by ssjskip

Endgame song is March of Sadness by Kassich


The Last The Last
Size : 3000.054 Kb
Type : zip
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