Herororobot METAL Justice

I have a nearly inappropriate love for old-school beat-em-up/brawler games like Golden Axe and Double Dragon, so I tried to make one.

It took an embarrasingly long time to make what amounts to roughly 5 minutes of bashing. It's very short. I am sorry.

TIP: Beware of the boss: there's a little trick to beating him.


Arrow keys move you.

Z - punch

S - jump

X - block

-Double tap [left] or [right] to run.

-Tap [punch] while running for a running punch.

-Tap back + forward + [punch] to fire a bot blast.

-Walk into an enemy to pick them up (best to approach from above of below), tap [punch] to throw them, preferrably into other enemies.

Should work just fine on most versions of Windows.


Programmed in BlitzMax

Sound effects made with Bfxr

Graphics made with paper, pencil, and Paint.Net

1 May 2012


Everything: Van Wyk Louw (DukeOFprunes)

Voice of the dog: Rebecca Wilcock (with a little vocoding)

Music is "GameBoy Rocker" by 8 Bit Weapon. I'm just assuming it's royalty-free and cool for me to use.


Herororobot METAL Justice.zip Herororobot METAL Justice.zip
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Type : zip
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